When we started to prepare for this event, we didn’t know how essential its theme would be for our community and the whole world. TEDxATU’s initial theme was “Hope and Responsibility”, an in-person event concerning social hope and social responsibility, but then we were hit by one of the biggest plot twists of our time; a pandemic.

Event Poster | Design: Javier Jaén ©

“Life is an exciting business, and most exciting when it is lived for others.”
Helen Keller

We changed our theme to “Hope and Responsibility, Lockdown Edition”. The two survival methods of this challenging time. We leaned on each other through hardships and struggled to make this event possibly the best it can be during these stressful times. Not to give hope but to remind each other what we can look forward to and therefore be hopeful about. To remind each other that by being more responsible, we can save lives and make the world seem more promising for all.

Our Teaser
The audience watched us from home | Photo: Adel Montazeri
Ramin Rabii | Photo: Amir Azizi
Dr. Alinaghi Mashayekhi | Photo: Amir Azizi
Siavash and I, Behind the scenes of the live event | Photo: Amir Azizi
Recording Day | Photo: Studio Kebrit

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