When we started to prepare for this event, we didn’t know how essential its theme would be for our community and the whole world. TEDxATU’s initial theme was “Hope and Responsibility”, an in-person event concerning social hope and social responsibility, but then we were hit by one of the biggest plot twists of our time; a pandemic.

Event Poster | Design: Javier Jaén ©

By discussing desires, aspirations, and visions of society, we also bring the issue of each person’s mutual co-existence as a member of a particular society into the light. This desirable living condition has different exigencies, but the most important ones are “Development” and…

The poster for the 12th Kangaroo mathematical festival in Iran.

Kangaroo mathematics festival is an international event in the field of mathematics that pursues various goals, such as, familiarizing the students with mathematical problem-solving skills. This festival is held in more than 80 countries worldwide and about 6.5 million students participate in the event. In Iran, held by Fatemi Cultural Institute, more than 300 thousand students and 10 thousand schools have participated in the event throughout the years. The festival is held in Iran every year on the last Thursday of the month of Farvardin (April 16th).

These days with the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down many schools, we had a…

Mohammad H. Ansari

Education & Technology Enthusiast

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